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Clubs, etc

A club based on the popular German Amphicar of the 60's

A great site about amphibious cars

The Schwimmwagen Registry

A Site dedicated to 6 wheel ATV’s


Current Vehicles

AmphiCoach   (large coach)

Aquajeep    (kit car)

Argo, Centuar   (ATV’s)

Terra Wind, Hydra-Terra, H2OEX, Hydra Spyder   (wide range of vehicles)

Fast Track   (tracked concept)

Aquada, Humdinga, Quadski    (wide range of vehicles)

sQuba, Splash     (concept hydrofoil and submersible)

Sealegs     (amphibious boats)

Commander, Lakelander, Predator    (4wd cars)

Watercar, AmphiGator  (fast car and jeep)


Past Amphibious Vehicles:

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